A Global Jazz Experience: Don’t Miss EYM Trio on their return to India this month

Pianist Elie Dufour, bassist Yann Phayphet and drummer Marc Michel met in France in 2010. They ended up creating EYM Trio, a jazz band which balances strong rhythms and beautiful harmonies, captivating the audience right from their first chords. Their music includes covers and original compositions inspired by rhythms from North Africa, Bulgaria, Romania and India.

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In 2016, the band embarked for a seven gig tour outside Europe for the first time to India. They returned with a new experience and fresh inspiration, which evolved into their song called ‘Bengaluru’.

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The trio, have not been able to get over their time in India and its audience. So, they’re back in India this week. They are performing five concerts organised in association with the music agency Gatecrash. Here’s the schedule :

May 31 – Bonobo, Mumbai

1 June – Shisha Café, Pune

2 June – The BFlat Bar, Bangalore

4 June – Depot48, Delhi

7 June – The Piano Man Jazz Club, Delhi.

Check out the interview and extract from their concert at JazzAhead! 2017.

They are the fresh young faces of European jazz, so walk on to any of the venues mentioned above and get ready for a new experience in Jazz music!
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Published Date: May 29, 2017 06:04 pm | Updated Date: May 29, 2017 06:04 pm

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