Tiger Zinda Hai movie review LIVE: Watch out for Salman Khan’s entry shot — a visual spectacle

10:21 (IST)

We are at the First Day First Show in Mumbai, India, of Tiger Zinda Hai. We’ll be bringing to you live inputs from the film (don’t worry, spoiler free!) — be sure to stay tuned!

10:57 (IST)

After Katrina’s entry shot, in yet another action scene (in a grocery store because she is busy shopping tindas for dinner), the narrative heads to softer moments.

10:54 (IST)

While VFX and action choreography make the wolf sequence real and believable, the stylised action of the Istanbul sequence remains glaringly missing.

10:50 (IST)

While Hindi cinema has never seen this kind of chase sequence before (trust us!), one kind of misses the opening action sequence of Ek Tha Tiger, which was shot in Istanbul.

10:35 (IST)

Salman’s entry is marked by an action/chase sequence against a pack of wolves in Austrian Alps. And what an entry shot it is!

10:27 (IST)

There is no trace of either Salman or Katrina in the first 15 minutes.


We can’t wait to catch them on screen!

10:26 (IST)

The narrative then jumps to times of peace with a group of nurses living and working in harmony. But soon, the hostility creeps in and a contingent of 25 Indian nurses is abducted by the ISE.

10:26 (IST)

This in then followed by a familiar track of a journalist getting beheaded by the outfit and the leader of ISE narrating the Uncle Sam theory to the journalist before executing him.

10:24 (IST)

Tiger Zinda Hai does not start where Ek Tha Tiger ended.


Instead, we are transported to Iraq where an American journalist is chased by an Islamic terror outfit ISE (no point for guessing that it is based on ISIS).

10:17 (IST)

10:17 (IST)

10:15 (IST)

A detailed report by Money Control states that in order to be declared a hit,Tiger Zinda Hai has to rake in Rs 250 crore.

“Budgeted at Rs 140 crore with another Rs 50 crore worth satellite rights that is taken by Salman Khan, analysts say the film should touch at least Rs250 crore to be called a hit.”

10:11 (IST)

10:11 (IST)

Vishal Dadlani speaks up on what he thought of Tiger Zinda Hai

10:09 (IST)

The first impression review for Tiger Zinda Hai is out! 

Here’s what the review says:

Salman Khan, undoubtedly, is the centrifugal force of the film, never losing a single opportunity to throw around his Hulk-like image and own the screen. It’s his film totally, and he aces his part comfortably. On the other hand, Katrina Kaif, in a rather straight-faced role, doesn’t have much to do other than being a part of the proceedings. But it would be accurate to say she’s not in the scheme of things; she does turn in a surprise in the ‘Tera Noor’ number, one of the best moments in the film.

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